5 Things You Need For Summer

Spring came a bit late, but hopefully that means that summer is just around the corner! I am without a doubt a summer baby. I feel like the sun and I actually have a little connection going on because I cannot get enough of her. Summers have always just been great for me: no homework, tons of travelling, and ling summer days with my friends and family. I think this year more than ever I am ready for summer. Spending the year away at college has been a dream in Chicago, but I am so excited for some quality time with the people I love the most. One of my favorite things about summer is the fashion and different looks, I think I could actually live in a swimsuit and shorts. Below I’ve put together the things I think are most necessary for summer, cheers!

1. Facial Spray

Summer weather is amazing, but it also means it’s extremely humid and hot as well. My face always gets super oily in the summer, which can lead to breakouts! I always like to keep a facial mist in my bag at all times so I can give myself a refreshing spritz if necessary. I personally love the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe and Rosewater. The aloe is very hydrating, and the rosewater is an extremely refreshing scent. This also won’t break your bank because it’s only $12 for their big bottle.

2. A Nude Swimsuit

Once stores start selling swimsuits again, I immediately start buying them. I truly am an addict when it comes to buying bathing suits and I have no shame! I think it is so necessary to invest in a nice nude swimsuit though, especially if you don’t collect a ton like me. Having a nude two piece is perfect because of how versatile it is. All those swimsuit tops you have that have bottoms that are wayyyyy to small can almost always be matched with a nude colored swimsuit. Another plus is that nude looks good on pretty much anyone, especially with a tan. This suit is from Missguided and is $43.

3. Volume Boosting Mascara

Recently I was lucky enough to be gifted MILK makeup’s new Kush Mascara and I’m literally obsessed. The mascara enhances volume and length, making lashes look super full and dreamy. Another perk is that the formula uses cannabis oil which actually makes your lashes grow. I’m a super huge fan of dewy makeup looks in the summer and this mascara helps create that effortless look.

4. Layering Necklaces

As I said before, fashion is one of my favorite parts of summer. I think an essential piece in every summer wardrobe is layering necklaces. I think a good layering necklace can honestly complete a look just because they add so much detail to an overall look. The layering necklace in the photo is from Missguided and is under $20!

5. Nude Lip

I love love love nude lip colors on people. I think it creates such a goddess-y type look, so when it’s summer and I’m already tan I love to add a cute nude lip look to complete my look. I’m usually not a huge gloss girl, however this NYX butter gloss is the exception. I love how the formula makes the color almost change in accordance to your skin tone, plus it is under $10! Color: Peanut Brittle

Thanks for reading everyone, happy Tuesday!

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