How I Travel On A Budget

Being a college student, it’s no secret that most of us don’t have just a plethora of money laying around to travel the world with. Between all the papers and projects we have it’s challenging to be able to make money to travel as much as some of the older people in the blogger community can, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible! I am someone who possess major wanderlust, so because of that I’ve done everything I can to be able to travel. Because of the tips and budget tricks I practice I’ve been able to go to Phoenix twice, San Francisco, LA, and New York all in the past 6 months. I know how important it is to travel, traveling opens us up to new cultures and allows us to broaden our horizons. We also get that escape from reality we all need sometimes. Below I have included my favorite tips and trips for traveling!

Getting there can sometimes be the most expensive part of the trip. Driving isn’t always an option, and flights can be so expensive sometimes. To make sure I’m getting the best possible deal I always use Momondo, a website dedicated to helping you find the best possible flight deals. Through this website I’ve been able to find ridiculously cheap flights to places like Phoenix for $200, NYC for $145, and LA for $230. Another thing I like to do is if I have the option of a 5 hour layover in a cool place or a 12 hour layover, I always pick the longer one if it means it’s cheaper. This gives you a chance to maybe mark a place off your bucket list without having to spend any extra money.

Another tip is that if you are going to have to rent a car once you reach your destination, DO NOT rely solely on the large rental car corporations to help you find a car. There’s so many apps like ZipCar or GetAround that offer rental cars for about half the price that a big car rental company would. These apps only require you to be 18+ which is great because most car rental places require you to be at least 25. In addition, these apps are really SO inexpensive so it’s easy to find something within your budget and they are also a lot more flexible with their cars and prices. Another cool thing is that many companies like enterprise often partner with universities, do if you are a student then you can rent a car through them as well. While we are on the subject of transportation, I cannot tell you the amount of money I’ve saved from using public transportation. Trust me, I know public transportation can be daunting especially if you are from a small town like me where it’s not common. 90% of the time though your phone will show you the exact route you need to take, and once you get the gist of public transport it’s pretty easy to navigate in any city.

I’m a huge foodie, and often times I’m always thinking about what I’m going to be eating next. Buuuut, food can be seriously expensive. Whenever I’m paying for the trip with my own money I try to pick maybe 2 and max 3 places I want to eat out at. Other than that though, I’m buying groceries the whole time. I usually pick up a throw away cooler from a grocery store and get lunch meat, cheese, bread, and a couple snacks and that’s what I eat for most of the trip. It’s not exactly gourmet, but it keeps me sustained and allows me to keep doing what I love.


Lastly, I know it would be perfect if we could all afford to stay in a 5-star-hotel in Mykonos, however that is just not within the budget sometimes. Hotels and Airbnb don’t mess around, and that can break the bank. One tip I have to keep from that is using Momondo! I know I’ve touched on it a few times throughout this post, but that’s honestly because I love it so much. Momondo and other websites like, Kayak, and can save you so much money when booking hotels. A way I’ve saved money using Airbnb is by getting a shared room vs. the whole house. I know it may seem awkward, but more times than not the host is extremely welcoming and helps create a more home-y environment for you during your stay, plus most are more than happy to give you the local scoop. Finally, if you are in a country outside of the US it’s completely common to find hostels to stay in for next to nothing. This allows you to have a cheap and safe place to stay, plus meet other travelers along the way.

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