College Study Tips

Being a college student is hard enough as it is, it feels like there’s constantly a deadline or a test or a project due and it’s easy to become overwhelmed. With midterms coming up in the following weeks I thought I would share the study tips that have helped me the most with getting prepared for exams or honestly just retaining the content that is being taught.

Always have something to keep you hydrated, along with a little snack to keep your energy up. I prefer to have salted almonds and hot tea or a naked juice

If you’re a music listener, have a playlist or queue ready before you sit down to study. This way, you don’t lose focus or end up taking unnecessary time up to pick out songs

Try writing using different colors. Psychology shows that using different colors helps your brain stimulate your creative side and later recall specific details because our brain is “mapping” the different ideas. Colors like red, yellow, and orange have shown to be the most effective with memory.

If you’re reading lengthy texts try using techniques like annotating, highlighting, and rephrasing what you are reading into your own words rather than copying the text word for word

Take breaks in between. Studying for hours on end only makes us physically and mentally drained. This makes us end up losing focus and not retaining anything. Make time for breaks in between studying to go outside for about 15 minutes and just breathe.

Good luck with midterms!

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