Hike to Sedona’s 7 Sacred Pools

So Glam

Sedona is by far one of my favorite places in Arizona. There’s beautiful red and white rock, an adorable town, and plenty of activities ranging from off-roading, to hiking, to swimming. If you are in Sedona and looking for a family friendly hike, or just a short hike that offers some great views I can’t recommend the hike to 7 Sacred Pools more! The “pools” you will see at the end of the hike were naturally formed, and have served as a survival essential for wildlife in the area, which I think is pretty cool. To get to this spot you need to park at the Soldier’s Pass trail head right off Soldier Pass road. From there walk along the soldier pass trail.


This trail is mostly exposed to the open sun, so especially if you are hiking during the day be sure you bring enough water for yourself, and plenty of sunscreen because neither are offered on the trail. There’s lots of beautiful desert flora and fauna on this trail so keep an eye out on the ground of some of the beautiful cacti and wildflowers. You won’t gain much elevation but what I loved was how you were literally going from a neighborhood to what feels like a place where there’s not people for miles…in minutes. The space really transforms around you and makes you feel really small really fast. On your hike you also get the chance to see Devil’s Kitchen, a sink hole that has been forming for centuries. This is a nice place to sit and enjoy the view of the red rock and pine dotted forests. neweditstyle2.jpg

As you make your way along the trail pay special attention to the rock formations, I think this is a perfect intro hike to Sedona because it gives you such an awesome taste of what the rest of the place is going to be like. You get a chance to see the deep tree filled canyon, but you also get a hint of that orange/red/and white rock that makes Sedona so famous.


You’ll know when you’ve made it to the pools because you will somewhat stumble upon them. The pools can be viewed from above on the trail or if you want to explore down below them I would say most able-bodied people could climb down and back up the rocks without much of a problem. The whole trail is 1.7 miles, but should only take you about an hour or so to do the whole thing. Although this trail is really easy, make sure you are following the trail signs or any maps you have because it’s easy to get on a different trail and end up in the wrong spot. As always, leave no trace and enjoy yourself!


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