5 Travel Apps You Need On Your Phone

With having a smartphone, traveling can be made so much easier. We no longer have to carry 30 different maps, and rely solely on books to get information about locations we are visiting. I use travel apps on my smartphone nearly every day, especially now that I am in a foreign country. Below I’ve added the (free) travel apps that have helped me out the most.


FlixBus- I use this app mostly in Europe, but now Flixbus is also (somewhat) newly available in the United States which makes it perfect for so many travelers. FlixBus is a company that has helped make traveling so much more affordable by offering low price bus tickets to the most popular of destinations. Seriously…I’ve gotten tickets for as low as $13.99 to visit a different country. FlixBus has a website, but I find the app so necessary because you can see real time updates of where your bus is, the next time it’s stopping, access to your e-tickets, and lastly the ability to refund/rebook any of your trips!


Momondo- If you’ve read any of my blog posts like, How I Travel On a Budget then you know I RAVE about this website. Momondo is a program you can use to find the best possible flights for your next destination. Thankfully, they also have an app! I find this so important to have on your phone because you can book your next ticket no matter where you are. My favorite feature of this app is that you can set up flight alerts for certain dates and locations. This is great because it means you never have to miss that “so cheap it’s hard to believe” flight again just because you weren’t checking your email back-to-back.


GoEuro- This is only applicable for those in or traveling to Europe, but I know this is a common destination so I had to mention it! GoEuro is an app that will allow you to search the place you are going to and will tell you the best prices for flights, buses, and trains for the date you are going to. It also allows you to book either directly in the app, or will do a quick transition over to the site you need to book on.


Google Maps- This app has saved me more times than I can count. Why do I love this app so much? Because it lets you download OFFLINE maps. This means that when you are in the middle of nowhere, or if you are exploring a different country and don’t have internet access, you can still view the map! All you have to do is pre-download the map for the area you are going to be in when you have wifi and you’re set! This is also a great app because it will allow you to see attractions, restaurants, and cafes that are closest to you.


The Outbound- This app is so much fun! This app allows people from all over the world to share their adventures. This is a great way to find local adventures, and share yours as well. Basically you log in to the app, and then you can type in your location or what you are looking for whether it be hiking, swimming, climbing, and so many more activities. Most of the guides will give you full details about how to find the spot, and also tell you about local regulations.


5 thoughts on “5 Travel Apps You Need On Your Phone

  1. I love travelling, and I have some of these apps. I haven’t heard of The Outbound or GoEuro though, so I’ll have to check those out. I think those can definitely help me with a few trips I have coming up. Thanks for sharing!


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