Things You Should’ve Been Telling Yourself All Along

My mind flows the most freely when I am stressed. Before sitting down to write this, I told myself I was going to lay in bed all day today. It’s raining, and it’s cold. That alone can take my mood from a 10 to a 3 in a matter of minutes. So that combined with the normal issues of life puts me at a strong 1 today. However, when I laid down, I kept thinking “what do I wish someone would tell me when I am down?” So here we are. It feels like you have such a huge circle sometimes, but then when the bad days roll around it really is like *crickets.* This is of no one’s fault, especially when you aren’t reaching out and telling people you need help because hey, everyone gets busy. Is this a post of me mostly just babbling…yes! So here we go.

Stop living in any other time besides right now

I wish I could actually tattoo this on to my forehead. If you are living in any time besides right now, there is no chance of you enjoying the moment you are in. Stop thinking about what could’ve been in the past, or what you wish you would’ve done differently. Stop thinking about deadlines and what-if scenarios. Although it sounds a little chaotic and stressful to stop planning or thinking (especially if you are a micro-manager like me,) sometimes it is exactly what you need.


There’re so many things happening in the world right now. There’s a hurricane here, and a wildfire there, and Peggy’s baby is sick with cancer, and Roger’s dog just got hit by a car. Social media can be so amazing. It’s given me a way to connect with so many amazing people, and it also allows me to be up to date with what is happening in the world. At the same time though, that can become so consuming. You can either get in the comparison game and compare everyone’s best moments on social media to your not-so-great moments in real life…or you can just become overwhelmed with how utterly downhill the world seems to be going and the fact that it feels like there’s nothing you can do (not true.) So, with that being said take some time to just be in the space you are in. Stop being concerned with the world that is in your phone.

Be kind to yourself 

We are humans. We have good days, and we have bad days. Sometimes we even have bad weeks, or bad months. That is truly just life! When those days, or weeks, or months come, and they will, be kind to yourself. Don’t beat yourself up for being human and give yourself the time you need to be okay. Healing is not linear, sometimes we think we are getting better and then we get bad again. But the sun will come out eventually and it can’t be dark forever. Don’t forget you should be the most kind to yourself.

Stop listening to other people

I don’t know how else to phrase this, but just stop. Stop listening to other people’s expectations. Stop listening to what other people want you to be. Stop listening to how the world is telling you to feel, or act, or dress. Sometimes you must be selfish in life, and sometimes in those times of selfishness you don’t fit into the boxes people want you to fit into. WHO CARES? This is your life, and if you are living it for anyone besides yourself you aren’t going to live a life that is fulfilled. Shut out the noise and listen to yourself. There are over 6 billion people in the world, the opinions of a few are truly irrelevant.

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