Phoenix’s Most Instagram-Able Spots

When I originally wrote this post, almost a year ago I was still dreaming of living in Arizona. I had just taken a trip out to Phoenix to see a friend, and I was feeling so inspired by the scenery. Flash forward to now, SO MUCH HAS CHANGED. I’m finally living out here, and this time for good so I wanted to give an updated version of the most photogenic spots I’ve found in the Phoenix area. 

Papago Park

Papago Park is a pretty common place for tourists to visit…however most people only explore Hole in the Rock. Papago has so many awesome scenarios to shoot around in, and it is a HUGE park. Check out some of the other area on the other side of the street – it’s usually boasting with wildflowers.

Apache Junction

Okay, so this one technically isn’t in Phoenix but I had to include it because it’s just so freaking gorgeous. The Apache Junction is only about an hour out of Phoenix making it the perfect day or even half-day trip! Here you can find tons of hikes at Lost Dutchman State park, or just scattered around the area. You can also find the Goldfield Ghost Town which is especially a fun attraction if you have children with you (but honestly it’s great either way.)

Phoenix Art Museum

 The Phoenix Art Museum is located in downtown Phoenix. This museum had so many displays but my favorite by far would have to be the firefly room pictures above which featured millions of little string lights to mimic fireflies in the summer. Admission is only $10 for students, but they also have free days which you can find information about on their website.

Old Town Scottsdale

Old Town is not only a great place to eat or party in, it’s also a super cute location to shoot some content. There are tons of cute photo-worthy restaurants like Diego Pops or Farm and Craft to name a few. There’s also murals like the one above all over the area. This one is located next to Farm and Craft.

McDowell Sonoran Preserve

 McDowell Sonoran Preserve is located in the Scottsdale area. It has a ton of trails for all different activities and skill ranges. It’s free to visit however donations are always accepted and appreciated. I should also add it’s absolutely breathtaking at golden hour.

Downtown Phoenix

Downtown Phoenix is a known hub for all things artsy. Besides its major attractions: Phoenix Art Museum and Roosevelt Row, DTPHX has soooooo many amazing hidden murals and spots for photos! This one was taken by Press Coffee on Central Ave! I can also recommend Grateful Coffee as well as most of Roosevelt street and any alleys in the downtown area!

Desert Botanical Garden

Located in Scottsdale, this is a nature preserve dedicated to plants from all different deserts. They showcase different artists sculptures, and also host workshops from time to time. Additionally, they also have a monarch butterfly garden that is purely surreal.

Wall of Road Signs

In downtown Phoenix you can find the Wall of Road Signs. This was originally created to commemorate Arizona’s statehood and is now an awesome spot for some fun and edgy photos! You can find it at the address below just be prepared to walk a little because there’s no parking!

716 S 7th St, Phoenix, AZ 85034

El Chorro

El Chorro is a gorgeous restaurant and event venue located in North Scottsdale. For one, they have amazing food and cocktails. The real gem here is their scenery I mean MAN it literally made me feel like I was in Spain or Italy with all the European style touches.

Thanks so much for reading along! For extra inspiration check out my Instagram here! Enjoy 🙂

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