Time Management Skills You Need to Manifest the Life You Deserve

When I talk to people about productivity, some of the things I hear the most are “I don’t have enough time in the day,” or “I don’t know how to manage my time.” Time management is tricky because well, life is tricky. We often convince ourselves that we don’t have enough time to complete our goals because we “don’t have enough time,” when the reality is we are just using that to excuse the fact that we self-sabatoge our own success by wasting so much time in our day. I myself am so so guilty of this, and believe me I know it can be challenging to find time for the things we want however WE are the only thing holding ourselves back. We have 24 hours in each day and nearly limitless amount of possibilities of the things we can accomplish. Here are some time management hacks that have helped me transition into a more productive lifestyle.

Plan your week on Sunday

We spend a lot of time making plans, rescheduling, and simply just trying to find the time to plan things. Before I started doing this, I was taking life day-by-day. I did this for a long time, planning things as they came up and stretching myself SO THIN. I was constantly running around trying to juggle around 5 million things. Every Sunday, I sit down and create my schedule for the week and it keeps me running 100% smoother.

Know What You Can and Can’t Procrastinate

I’m not here to tell you to stop procrastinating because honestly that’s just unrealistic. I personally do some of my best work when I work a little under pressure, but if I wait till the LAST minute then the work is absolute garbage. It’s important to know what you can and can’t procrastinate. That 10 question quiz? Yeah sure, you can probably procrastinate doing that a bit. Getting ready for that interview? Probably not the best idea to procrastinate. Always consider how much time you can realistically procrastinate for, and also how much time the task itself will take. This will save you from missing deadlines, or stressing to get work done.

Be Realistic With Your Goals

As I said above, it’s important to be realistic about how much time you can procrastinate things. It’s also extremely important to be realistic about our goals though. In one of my favorite books, Unfu*k Yourself: Get Out of Your Head and into Your Life, the author talks about how we should be honest with ourselves about what we are willing and unwilling to do. For example, you say you want to drive a Ferrari, but you always procrastinate your tasks at work, you never want to stay late or sit in on meetings, and you only half-way do the job. The reality is you may want a Ferrari, but you are unwilling to do it. Since you aren’t honest with yourself though about what you are willing and unwilling to do you end up wasting your time working toward goals you don’t have the drive to achieve. Take some time to thing about your goals, what it will take to get there, and if you are willing to do that. If you aren’t willing, THAT’S OKAY but what’s not okay is chasing your goals in some mediocre way that only ends up wasting your time.

That’s all I have for you all! I tried to steer away from typical methods of time management and look at it from a more creative perspective. As always your comments are not only appreciated, but encouraged. Have a great day, babes!

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