Podcasts You Should Be Tuning Into Right Now

At the beginning of the new year I got SUPER into podcasts. I started having an actual morning commute and decided to start my mornings with a little more mindful thinking. Now, podcasts have quickly become my favorite thing. I literally find myself hoping it will be morning so that I can listen to my next podcast. The podcasts I’ll be listing today cover a little bit of everything but the main topics you will see are: wellness, business, and female empowerment. Be sure to comment and let me know your favorite!

From the Heart: Conversations with Yoga Girl

I first discovered Yoga Girl, or Rachel Brathen, last year when I was doing some mindless scrolling through Instagram. There’s a lot I could say about her but let me just leave it at this: she’s amazing. Conversations from the heart literally touches on every single topic surrounding wellness and happiness you could imagine. She also talks business, family, and just keeping it together. She brings on some amazing guests as well who add so much character to the show. My favorites are: What If Every Challenge Is A Blessing In Disguise, Let Your Inner Wild Woman Soar, and Feel Your F*cking Feelings. Listen to it here.

Women, Work, and Worth

This podcast is the perfect podcast for you or the many girl bosses in your life. As the title suggests, this podcast focuses a lot on women in business and how we can keep it together in a world that constantly doubts us. The hosts Kate and Tallia are so light-hearted and fun. Their advice takes you from where you are to where you want to be. Some of my favorites are: Five Must-Have’s Before Starting Your Business, Mastering Your Money Mindset, and Setting Goals You’ll Actually Stick To. Listen to it here.

Girl Boss Radio: Self Service

Girl Boss is a company owned by Sophia Amoruso, who if you don’t already know is the creator of the clothing company Nasty Gal and CEO of Girl Boss, a place that provides resources about money, career, and wellness to girl bosses everywhere. Sophia does a podcast on her own, but Girl Boss also does mini series like Self-Service. Self-Service is honestly a GOD SENT. This podcast has helped me change my mindset and my over all attitude about facing challenges in my every day life. I honestly wish there could be like 1 million more podcasts for self-service because they are all amazing. My favorites are: Dark Thoughts and What to Do With Em’, Learning How to Stop Self-Sabotage, and Learn How to Activate Your Inner Goddess. Tune into your cosmic comfort zone here.

The Skinny Confidential

I only recently started listening to The Skinny Confidential because of my great friend/business partner/shit talking buddy Adrienne suggested it to me but I seriously love it! A lot of the podcasts I listen to are surrounded around topics like wellness and business. Although this podcast does cover those topics believe me, they also just talk about random things that are super informational and fun to listen to. My favorites so far are their podcast with Kopari Beauty founders, How to Build and Monetize an Online Brand, and The Laws of Human Nature. Listen to them here.

Thanks for reading along everyone, be sure to leave your suggestions below!

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