Gifts Under $40 for the Outdoorsy Friend

Christmas is FAST approaching, which in some ways is amazing and in others is utterly terrifying. This gift guide was super fun to put together, mostly because I am the *outdoorsy friend* so it was basically like making a wishlist. I despise gift guides that have a 10 paragraph intro about them, their lives, what their Christmas traditions are….like let’s cut straight to the chase! Without further ado I give you a gift guide for the outdoor junkie in your life. All of the gifts can be found by clicking directly on the photo!

Solar Powered Power Pack

This is a great gift for backpackers and hikers especially. It’s extremely durable, able to be charged via solar power or by wall outlet. It also has hooks which makes it easy to attach to backpacks or bags and rubber guards around the plugs to keep water from getting in.


Getting a hammock is one of the best things I have ever bought. They are super lightweight, can be put up in minutes, and are so comfortable to sleep in. When camping I love using these during the summer months vs taking a whole tent because this lightens my load so much! This particular one is the one I have and it’s held up through rain and shine for years.

Reusable Water Bottle

If you follow me on anything you know I’m ALL about sustainable living. With that being said, despite as “basic” as others may claim my Hydroflask is a STAPLE to my life. You pretty much will never see me in public without my Hydroflask because #hydration. I recommend getting the flex cap lid because it’s super easy to attach to a carabiner. Message me directly here or on my Instagram for 20% off!

Pour-Over Kit

After a night of sleeping in a tent on the ground, surprisingly you might wake up not feeling as if you’ve gotten the best sleep of your life. Unfortunately there’s not a Starbucks in the wilderness most of the time, which is what makes this gift perfect! The cup is double wall insulated, meaning it’ll keep your coffee hot for a while and it comes with a build in sleeve so you don’t burn your hands. If you wanna make this gift extra fun I’d recommend buying filters and a package of coffee!


A life straw This is the perfect gift for the friend who is just beginning to get into backpacking, or alternatively is just beginning to get into doing more backcountry backpacking which typically is longer amounts of time in more remote places. This is an awesome tool because it allows you to drink water directly from the source.

Sand-free towel

This towel is a lifesaver! One of the things that drives me crazy is finding sand in EVERYTHING after the beach. This sand-free towel will 1000% save you from a sandy mess in your car after a beach day.

Mess Kit

This is perfect for the friend that loves camping. This kit has all you need to make a bomb camping dinner, and is super lightweight and compact. Also for what you are getting, it’s an amazing price.

Hot Hands

I know you may think, “wow this doesn’t really seem fitting,” but I PROMISE you on early morning hikes or overnight camping in chillier weather these babies are a lifesaver!! This pack linked has 40 sets for $21.47, but there is also a 54 pack for $32.95.

Go Macro bars

If you follow my social media you know I am a feign for Go Macro bars. No seriously….I have at least one a day if not more. You can buy them separately in stores or in a sampler pack online! I am obsessed with the peanut butter chocolate chip, dark chocolate and almond, and banana and almond butter flavor. Every bar is also vegan, gf, and produced sustainably!

Thanks for reading along! Happy Holidays!!!

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