How to Make a Pin that Drives Traffic

Pinterest is one of my favorite tools to use for marketing for so many reasons. Nearly every topic ever imaginable is on Pinterest, so no matter how niche you are there’s always going to be a few people out there with the same interests as you. Pinterest is also a great tool to use for inspiration and creativity, but the real reason I love it so much is because it DRIVES traffic to your page. Pinterest drives most of my blog clicks, you can get really steady amounts of views with two or three pins that perform really well. Let’s drive in on how to make pins that drive traffic!

Set Your Page to a Business Page

Having your Pinterest profile set to a business page allows you to not only see your own analytics, but all of Pinterests as well. This makes it easier when the time comes to create ‘pins.’ Find your analytics here!

Stay Up to Date With Audience Insights

Once you’ve played around with analytics a bit, it’s time to get to work! Go to your ‘audience insights’ tab which you can find under Analytics. This page shows you both what your audience is interested in as well as Pinterest as a whole. This is a great tool to use when you are in the content creation stage as you can make pins more catered to what your audience or ideal audience likes to see.

Make notes of what your audience or what your ideal audience is looking at. Sort it into two sections: one section dedicated to interests that apply to a business or service your provide, and in the other section interests that don’t apply to your business or service. Once you’ve played around with analytics a bit, it’s time to get to work! So, if you’re a cooking blog and you see people are searching “dessert recipes for Easter,” you could use that info to create a recipe that caters to the content people are searching, however if they are searching “best dirtbike paths in Arizona” that’s not going to be something you should be making content centered around even if it’s the top searched thing on Pinterest.

Make Your Pins

Now that you’ve gotten your beautifully written blog post up and ready to go it’s time to make your pins! Pinterest is a graphic centered website, so you need to make a graphic that grabs attention. Some really great tools for graphic creation are Canva, Adobe Illustrator, PicMonkey, and Crello…Canva and Illustrator are my personal favorites. I especially like Canva because it has pre-sized graphics for whatever you are trying to make.. When creating graphics, try to stick with specific color schemes for your blog so all of the content looks consistent! For most graphics, especially topics like recipes or DIY crafts, it’s going to be better to include pictures of the finished product in the graphic so potential readers can easily see what the end goal is. However, if you are doing something business related like the topic I’m currently writing about it isn’t always necessary to include pictures in the blog graphic.

Title and Caption Writing

This is arguably the most important part of creating pins that drive traffic, and all it takes is just a little bit of basic SEO (search engine optimization) skills! The great thing about Pinterest is that they make it super easy for you to find keywords to incorporate into your description, here’s how you do it! The way I’m explaining is definitely met for entry-level SEO, there are lots more ways you can up your SEO game and Pinterest game but these tips are a great place to start!

Let’s say I’ve written a blog post about my trip to Bali and I want to make some pins for it. The first thing you want to do is type “Bali” or whatever your topic is into the search bar. Notice how at the top it has suggestions for you to make your search more specific? Those words are based off of whose searching them, so right now the most searched word with Bali is Indonesia. I take note of all the keywords I could use to write my description, so it makes it easier to come back to them as I’m writing. Once you’ve collected 5-10 words it’s time to write your caption. You want to write a caption that uses your key words but also doesn’t sound word-y or robotic. Here’s a bad examples vs. a good example


“blog post for Bali Indonesia has outfit ideas, travel, photography, very aesthetic for honeymoons”


“In this blog post for Bali, Indonesia you will find all you need for the perfect aesthetic and photography worthy destination. Enjoy guides to Bali’s main city Ubud as well as other locations. This spot is a great honeymoon destination or backpacking trip location.”

Notice how in the good example I make a point to highlight main keywords, but in a way that sounds concise and flows evenly. Like I said, it is SO easy to do once you get the hang of it. Once your pin is uploaded, go ahead and promote yourself! Put it into other boards it would be relevant for and watch your audience grow. Thanks for reading along!

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