Hi guys, I’m Lauren! I’m a Kentucky native, but I now live in Arizona to go to school for Communication and Digital media at ASU. I love to travel, take photos, meet new people, and experience new cultures. I am super into astrology, and treating our earth kindly. I’m an outdoors junkie, and there’s seriously nothing I look forward to more than a good hike. I’m also into photography, I shoot on a Sony Alpha A7ii and I’ve been taking pictures for about 4 years. I love portrait photography, because of the emotion it captures but I also am very into landscape photography as well.

I have a crush on the universe and consider myself to be a very down to earth person. Smiling and being with my friends is my favorite. I started this blog as a way to share my love for traveling, hiking, and all things lifestyle. I am somewhat of a hippie and I try to practice mindfulness in my every day life. I believe peace and love is the answer to most questions and empathy is the most important thing to practice in our relationships with others.       

If you’re interested in collaborating, or would like to ask me a question head over to my contact page for more info!